AR-SCADA is a proprietary web based application developed by PRAMANJ Technologies to provide an Augmented Reality based user interface to Inductive Automation‘s  Ignition SCADA software for Industrial Automation and Control. It can be implemented as a retrofit solution to existing as well as to new installations of Ignition. It uses  KRPANO‘s panoramic viewer tool internally to display the virtual tours of a plant. AR-SCADA adds its own interactive components to KRPANO viewer tool (please visit the components page on this website) for display of static and dynamic plant data in real time on the virtual tours. It communicates with Ignition gateway to read/write tag values through a proprietary add-on module to Ignition developed by us which is included with AR-SCADA. The alarm status of analog and binary tags such as hi/low/hi-hi/low-low or ON/OFF/TRIP are indicated with colour and blink rate of the displayed values. 

Demo of version 1.3 of AR-SCADA can be seen below:





AR-SCADA allows an operator to monitor the plant by taking a virtual tour of various systems and sub systems of the plant through panoramic 360 degree views of the plant. Conventionally SCADA systems provide a 2D schematic diagram interface to an operator whereas the Augmented Reality based virtual tours interface provided by AR-SCADA gives the operator physical identity of the plant, adds training value to plant operators and makes their job more interesting. The operators can view the pant parameters and equipment status superimposed on actual location of sensors/equipments/actuators on the virtual tour of the plant. They can visualize the plant from normally inaccessible or hazardous areas of the plant, such as inside of a furnace, boiler drum etc., captured only once by professional photographers under plant shut-down and safe conditions. This gives operators a physical feel of the plant and ability to view the plant from all possible angles in a panoramic 360 view.

In addition, AR-SCADA allows you add context sensitive help at desired hotspots of the virtual tour to display multimedia context such as interactive videos and HTML5 pages giving instructions for operation and maintenance procedures of the plant under normal and emergency situations and attending to various routine and alarm conditions of the plant, adding a significant value to the SCADA system especially for new operating staff.

AR-SCADA uses HTML5 technology to display the virtual tours in modern browsers on desktops and laptops. There is no restriction on number of clients and number of virtual tours that can be built on the AR-SCADA server. It uses our propitiatory technology to fetch real time parameters from Ignition and display them the virtual tours at specified locations on scenes at a specified update cycle of few seconds.

Please visit the components page to see different components supported by AR-SCADA for interaction. Please also visit a youtube video on home page showing a demo of a sample of virtual tours that can be built using AR-SCADA.
The image above gives a screen shot of ARSCADA demo application. Please also see a youtube videos below on (1) Introduction to AR-SCADA and tutorials on (1) Installing AR communication module in Ignition (2) Installing the AR-SCADA application (3) Understanding the AR-SCADA folder structure (4) Configuring AR-SCADA Components in virtual tours (5) Creating Panoramic Images  . Please visit components page to see the components supported by ARSCADA and services page for more information on our current offerings.